Maintenance successfully completed

Maintenance successfully completed

by John Sushil Packiaraj 14491 -
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Dear all,

We have successfully migrated our Moodle infrastructure to 4.2 version along with the update to the underlying server software. 

With Moodle 4.2, some nice features are also available for the teachers.  You will see a 'Bulk Edit' button in the edit mode. When you click the same, you will be able to select items that you would like to modify.  Check any one of the boxes and the 'Select All' button will get enabled.  Now you can 'Hide / Show',  'Duplicate', multiple activities or resources. Please ensure that you 'Delete' with care.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESTORE DELETED ACTIVITIES or RESOURCES.

You will now be able to bulk hide activities or resources that you would have shared with your students with far fewer clicks.

Our hearty thanks to our CTS team for helping us with the upgrade process.

We thank you for your patience.  We have not been able to find another suitable time for this update, and we are sure that you will very much be enjoying a better experience - Thanks to this update.

With Regards,

The Moodle Support Team
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