Scheduled Maintance - 13th Feb 2024 (Tuesday)

Scheduled Maintance - 13th Feb 2024 (Tuesday)

by John Sushil Packiaraj 14491 -
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Dear All,

We have scheduled maintenance between 13th February 2024 [08:00 AM to 08:00 PM].  The hardware on which Moodle is currently operating requires a scheduled firmware upgrade and update.   However, we will keep the downtime to a minimum.  We request that no important activities are scheduled during this period.  You will be able to access the infrastructure when there is no activity happening, however, access is and data integrity is not guaranteed during this window.

We also are using this window to conduct some critical system updates.  

We do not have an alternate time and must utilise the selected window to apply these mandatory patches. This being the CAT-01 period, we are certain that disruption will be minimal. The infrastructure will be made available immediately on the 'go-ahead' from the vendor for our use.

Thank you so much for understanding.

With Regards,